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An introduction to Triple Trouble

Why aren't you updating?
I'm a busy man, my career and research occupies most of my time, so I may not have time to do a comic, as this is my hobby and is not something I intend as a job or to support myself on. Sometimes I'll have a very large comic to do, which takes a little longer too. Nevertheless, I will try to keep you updated with what is happening.

What else do you do?
I am an artist who exhibits contemporary art every so often. I am also a researcher specialising in the interdisciplinary boundaries of Fine Art, Science, Technology, Mathematics, History and Cosmology. I also like ice cream.

What audience are the comics aimed at?
To be honest, I draw the comics because I enjoy them, I enjoy reading them myself, but I do my best to appeal to other people as well, the comics have a very broard audience I think. there's a touch of (My poor) humour, a bit of drama, suspense, mytery, adventure...It's all here. It's certainly not for children, as there is a bit of strong language, and as the comics go on, the stories will dealing in violence and death, but saying anymore would be a spoiler.

Why the heck aren't any of these images showing?
If your using a firewall, some images and comics on comicgen may seem broken. However this is not the case, as it maybe the result of your firewall settings. As some firewalls don't let websites access your referrer information (The site you came from in other words.) You see comicgen doesn't allow remote image linking, and when it does not recieve this referrer information, comicgen mistakes you for posting the pictures on the site that you came from, and thus they appear broken. Easily fixed though, just put comicgen.com on your list of allowed websites and they should work the next time you visit.
Also, if that doesn't work or whatever, just refresh without loading images from your cache (shift + refresh) and you should be fine. And if they still don't work, comicgenesis may be temporarily borked so you'll have to try again later.

Anyway, that's it. Thanks for taking the time to read Triple trouble!

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