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W.I.S.P.A. reporting in...

The agency known as Worldwide Independent Spies and Professional Agents (or W.I.S.P.A) based in London is a secret agency dedicated to the protection of everyday people and to fight against the rising threat of terrorists, urban warfare, and huge corrupt companies. They specialise in the handling of scenarios that are unanticipated or expected by more oficial agencies.

Six of their best agents have been gathered to form the best team the agency has seen. Slick, the point man. Trent, the expert. Hotshot, the weapons master. Strafe, their infiltrator. Tracker, the technology whiz. And Becki, the driver. These six agents will take part in some of the biggest operations ever to ensure global peace, but it sure won't be easy...


Main W.I.S.P.A agents: Slick | Trent | Hotshot | Strafe | Tracker | Becki

W.I.S.P.A. support: The Chief | McKeane

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