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Trent Stykes
Age: Forty three
Weapon of choice: Trademark double silver revolvers
Field of expertise: Star agent (In other words, everything.)
First Appearance: Microwave massacre! (#2)

"Lives are at stake in our job, if you don't have what it takes, you're best quitting now..." ~Trent

Trent is the star agent of London's WISPA agency, and possibly one of the best agents in the world.

An agent with many years of expertise with W.I.S.P.A., Trent has quickly flown through the ranks to the top, so much infact, he is considered somewhat a legend in the world of secret agencies and espionage. He has no weakness one can exploit, he's trained in every possible way: Perfect aim, lightning-quick reaction times, years of experience, and a knowledge of everything that goes on in the W.I.S.P.A. circle of intel, day in day out...

However, Trent lacks one thing: He is very cold and distant and probably prefers it that way. Despite his rude and brash way of dealing with people, they will still respect, and even worship him because of his legendary talent. Trent's first priority is always upholding the rules of the agency and the mission, if the agency didn't have a priority of protecting it's agents lives first and foremost, Trent would probably leave any "allies" for dead, he really doesn't care. What happened to Trent to make him a cold-blooded, heartless individual? Has he always been like this? Perhaps that's a story for another day...


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