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Agent David "Tracker" Ivorson
Age: Twenty seven
Weapon of choice: Customisable pistol
Field of expertise: Computers & Technology
First Appearance: Just a quick fix-up... (#3)

"Technology? well then I'm your man!" ~Tracker

Nowadays, you'd expect all agents to have some experience with computers and technology, well Tracker doesn't have some, he has lots...

When it comes to Technology, Trackers knowledge is vast, there is very little he doesn't know, his speciality is hacking into the tightest security mainframes, and leaving undetected. He has provided a lot of valuable intel for the agency through doing this, and he's not the kind of person that would sit at a computer all day pointing and clicking. Oh no. Tracker's a field agent, he likes to be out there taking on the toughest computers head on...

As a person, he's a pretty laid back guy, he takes everything as it comes and hardly ever gets stressed out, one thing that he does dislike though, is when somebody uses his computer, and messes something up, he'll shout at somebody for hours spurting random jargon at the offender.


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