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Agent Lucas "Hotshot" Tovart
Age: Twenty six
Weapon of choice: rapid rocket launcher
Field of expertise: Demolitions & weapons expert
First Appearance: The curry thief (#2)

"It wasn't me! It was like that when I got here!" ~Hotshot

Lovable Hotshot, regular demoltions expert, a level-headed individual who is always the last to lose his cool...

If you believe that, then you'll believe anything. Hotshot is a live wire, hot headed, impatient, and always ready for action. If there's a need for explosives, he'll be there, he just can't keep his hands clean. Give him a chance and chances are it will go up in smoke, and believe me, the WISPA agency has nearly gone up in smoke because of Hotshots reckless actions many a time...

Though he may be a wild card with explosives, he knows how to use and defuse them properly, Hotshot isn't accident prone, he just doesn't have the rational thinking to control his obsession with big guns. And though you would never guess: Hotshot is a very keen tactician at heart, nobody would ever let him be in charge of arranging tactics for missions, but beware, Hotshot's a lot smarter than most people think.


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